Dame Perfumery : Lime, Gardenia and Benzoin

Created by : Jeffrey Dame

Date : 2015

Genre : Gardenia soliflore

Concentration : eau de toilette

I believe that I have a lazy streak and I think that’s probably why I love legible perfumes… I like to wear perfumes that are easy and recognizable.  And so when I tried Dame Perfumery’s Lime, Gardenia and Benzoin, I got it immediately! It’s a simple lapel gardenia or as the French would say, “une boutonnière”.

I’ve always loved gardenias. When I left home, a gardenia was the first plant I owned. The small white flowers were so fragrant and beautiful, I immediately fell in love. Unfortunately, that plant never flowered again after I took it home from the florist shop and so I think from that moment on, I’ve always been searching for that distinctive gardenia fragrance.  I thought I had found it when I read about Arquiste Boutonnière No. 7, but no.  The Arquiste version is not so much a gardenia as a woody scent and Victoria from Bois de Jasmin hit the nail on the head when she described Boutonnière No. 7 as more of a vetiver than a gardenia.

I’m not surprised that the owner behind Dame Perfumery and the creator of Lime, Gardenia and Benzoin has been in the perfume marketing business since 1980.  Jeffrey Dame knows a lot about perfume.  I liked most of his fragrances when I tested them on scent strips but the one that stood out for me was this perfectly-executed gardenia soliflore.

People who read me know that I don’t write many perfume reviews because there are so many excellent bloggers out there who write perfect reviews but when a perfume moves me, well I can’t help myself.  And this one is worth writing about.  Lime, Gardenia and Benzoin is, without a doubt, in my top 10.  I started wearing it 2 weeks ago and I haven’t stopped since.  It’s like wearing a gardenia in a lapel… close to the wearer… a private pleasure… and it seemed to disappear when I was busy but distracted me occasionally when my mind was in neutral.  Like all perfumes that I love, words are scarce but suffice it to say that this one is definitely worth a try. And at this price, I paid less than $100 Cdn., it immediately goes to the top of my go-to list.

Lime, Gardenia and Benzoin is an eau de toilette but it behaves more like an eau de parfum. It’s got great longevity, on me it lasts the complete day, but not a lot of throw. It’s perfect for the office because it definitely won’t bother the people around you.  However, anyone getting close to you is going to enjoy it.  I have no doubt.

I’ll tell you that this review was written last week and I stalled on publishing it because I just couldn’t think of an appropriate image but sadly, the image came too easily to me this week. I could easily imagine Omar Sharif (1932-2015) wearing this simple, sophisticated yet discreet fragrance… and especially with that ruffled shirt!  This image says it all.  Enjoy!

Omar Sharif as Nicky Arnstein in Funny Girl

Omar Sharif as Nicky Arnstein in Funny Girl

Estée Lauder : Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia

Created by : Harry Frémont

Date : 2007

Genre : Gardenia soliflore

Concentration : eau de parfum

The first potted plant I bought when I left home was a gardenia.  I still remember that fresh, heady scent and I bought it because I had seen Lady Sings the Blues and I was fascinated by Billie Holiday.  She often wore gardenias in her hair and although Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia is not as true as a real gardenia bouquet, it comes pretty close.

I wore Tuberose Gardenia regularly to the office a couple of years ago and it was addictive.  I loved wearing it and while researching this post, I wasn’t surprised to read that it is attributed to Harry Frémont because I also love his David Yurman rose chypre.  The man can put a fragrance together!  And Aerin Lauder, Estée Lauder’s granddaughter, was behind this one which is proof positive that good taste is genetic.

Luca Turin says that “women have no business smelling like flowers” but Tuberose Gardenia makes a very convincing case for the contrary.  In fact, TG is so beautiful even men should wear it.  Anyone who doesn’t like this fragrance probably hates flowers… and kittens.

As for the tuberose… it probably represents 20% of the bouquet.  It adds a creaminess to the fragrance… not the full buttery note found in Fracas but just a warmth with a contrasting, transient vein of menthol giving the overall effect a green tinge.

Whenever I feel that there’s just too much crap out there, I spray Tuberose Gardenia on a scent strip and remember beauty is never far away.

Buy Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia even if you never wear it.

Image : Jeune Tahitien or Jeune homme à la fleur (1891) by Paul Gauguin

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