Dior : Dior Homme

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Created by : Olivier Polge

Date : 2005

Genre : Iris tobacco

Concentration : eau de toilette

Evidently, Olivier Polge has inherited some of his father’s creative genius.  Although this recent version of Dior Homme is not as gorgeous as the original when it was launched in 2005 (according to sources), it’s still absolutely lovely and I find it so very encouraging for men’s perfume, today and in the future.

Dior Homme smells rich…  it is well constructed AND it has top notes, a heart and bottom notes!  WHAT A CONCEPT… EH?!?  (Can you tell I’m Canadian?)

Polge’s creation starts with a fruity-iris accord that I don’t think I’ve ever smelled before.  The iris is not the vegetable version we find in Serge Lutens’ Iris Silver Mist… it’s the powdery, grey version that is melancholic, suave and classy!  And the fruity notes provide a mouth-watering backdrop… too bad they don’t hang around very long.

The heart is an iris-tobacco accord with a distinct vanilla note weaving itself in and out of the mix.  There is plenty of space between the notes and you can’t help but be in awe as to… how do they do that?  Although I don’t smoke tobacco, I like it in perfume as long as it’s balanced with other notes and the vanilla-tobacco drydown is exquisite.  And so… I love this one so it’s difficult to write about it.  Words are scarce.

As for perfume classification, Michael Edwards calls it a Soft Floral.  Michael, I love ya baby… but I’m not getting it.  (Can you tell it’s Oscar night?)  I’m calling it a Wood – Crisp.

I don’t know why I never bought this one before but I’m really happy it’s in my magic closet now.  I’ll be wearing Dior Homme when I want to project a badboy image… because DH is as close to smoking tobacco as I’ll ever get without coughing my lungs out.


Image : Clark Gable

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