Recent Chanel No. 5 parfum versus 1980s version


Art-deco inspired Paris study – complicated, integrated

When a colleague at work told me that her father was the cosmetics buyer for a large department store in Montreal during the late 80s and early 90s and that he had vintage, unopened perfume bottles to sell… I was VERY intrigued.  After he sent me his inventory I immediately claimed the quarter-ounce bottle of Chanel No. 5 parfum.  If it was truly unopened, I knew it would be perfect AND it is!

But, to be absolutely sure, I brought it with me when I was invited over for a light lunch at FiveOaksBouquet’s apartment.  Having worn Chanel No. 5 parfum for many, many years, I knew that she could tell me if, in fact, it had gone off and the verdict was that it is just fine… exactly as it was from that era.  While comparing it to my 2017 bottle, she immediately picked out 2 notes that were present in the vintage parfum but missing from the 2017 version… a leather note and an oakmoss note.  I thought of Michael Edwards’ Fragrances of the World and his “Dry Woods” family, or “Chypre cuir” in French.  Now, I’m not saying that Chanel No. 5 isn’t a floral aldehyde… it is, of course, but that “chypre cuir” facet certainly gives it a “gravitas” that is not possible today since the banning of oakmoss in the European Union.

I haven’t worn the vintage parfum yet but I will this week and I have no doubt, it will outlast my contemporary version, but I’ll get back to you shortly about that.  Today, I put them on scent strips and the vintage version is basically as strong as it was earlier today.  My 2017 version is lovely but almost gone.  I like the drydown but it’s nothing special.  I’m still looking forward to the vintage drydown.

Talk soon!


Vintage parfum on the left, newer version on the right

Aurora : Blue Dream

Created by : Unknown

Date : 2018

Genre : Sweet floral

Concentration : medium

Actually, this isn’t perfume.  It’s cannabis.  You see, since the consumption of pot was legalized in Canada on Wednesday, October 17th, we have been inundated with pot culture.  And, on the official website of the SQDC (Société québecoise du cannabis) there is a lot of information on the different strains, concentrations and formats.  Who knew that cannabis could be so complicated?

Oddly enough, as I was perusing the website, I kept thinking of perfume!  The names are quite evocative… Pink Kush with notes of sweet lemon by San Rafael ’71… or how about Temple with spicy and earthy notes and diesel?  Well, maybe not diesel so much.  Argyle by Tweed sounds nice… with spicy notes and earthy undertones but I think my favourite is Stars by Irisa with its woody, floral and fruity notes!  Sounds wonderful, let’s face it.

I’ve been telling people at work that we’ll soon by reading blogs like my own, only not for perfume but for cannabis.  It is, indeed, a strange new world.

By the way, if you visit the website don’t be surprised to see that more than half the products are sold out… afterall, they’ve been open for 3 whole days.  YIKES!

See you next week… 🙂





Do you remember Melina Mercouri?

I do, now… but I only reconnected with her a couple of years ago when a colleague at work reminded me of her.  You see, my colleagues’ name is Melina… but I kept calling her Mélanie, a popular name in Québec. One day, I stupidly asked her, “Why did your mother call you Melina?”  Her answer?  “Because she was a fan of Melina Mercouri!”  GOT IT!  Of course!  I never had trouble with her name again.

I recently saw Mercouri’s most famous film, Never on Sunday.  Melina plays Ilia, a prostitute who schedules the local men and sailors by the hour.  To be honest, it’s shocking.  This is nowhere near the Shirley MacLaine depiction of a sweet, innocent prostitute in Irma La Douce.  This is a gutsy, fleshy woman who sets her own prices and chooses the men she’ll sleep with.  Early in the movie she turns down a better offer simply because she didn’t like the higher bidder.  Today, they couldn’t make such a movie.  They couldn’t get the funding.  And, the feminists would march down main street.  Odd that a movie that came out in 1960 would be too racy for today’s sensibilities.  Of course, today, violence is everywhere… big screens and small. And Kim Kardashian’s butt is ubiquitous.  Who knew that fat could be sucked out of the abdomen and injected into one’s behind!  I don’t mean to be cynical but I find great irony in the advances of the #MeToo movement at the same time as Kylie Jenner is worth almost a billion, largely due to her lip plumping products.

I viewed Never on Sunday recently and there are perfume bottles in Ilia’s bedroom but I couldn’t identify them (look to the table on the left of the video below).  Maybe Femme by Rochas?  And so, I wondered… what would Ilia have worn?  A leather?  Maybe.  Not a floral, maybe a rose chypre.  Ambers would be an obvious answer.  Woods?  Maybe an eau de cologne… citrusy.  No.  I’m stumped.  Any ideas?

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