New trend for 2018… layering oils!


Layering oils by Viktor & Rolf

The absolute last perfume-related item I purchased in 2017 gave me such hope for the future.  It was a rose-scented layering oil that is being produced by the Viktor & Rolf people to go along with their Flowerbomb eau de parfum.  It’s called Flowerbomb Rose Twist.  When Jackie, the fragrance consultant, told me about it, I was immediately intrigued and purchased it, untested.  The way it works is this… if you would like to accentuate the rose note of Flowerbomb, you apply the layering oil on your skin first and then you spray Flowerbomb on top.  Isn’t this a neat idea?  They also have Flowerbomb Jasmine Twist and Flowerbomb Musk Twist so you can punch up the jasmine or musk notes… or both… or all three!  Layering may not be a trend, actually, but it should be!

I tried my rose oil on many different perfumes in my collection with very interesting and promising  results.  It worked perfectly with Paris by Yves Saint-Laurent!  It added some optimism but also some gravitas (is that a contradiction?) and helped balance out the sad violet notes.  I always thought the roses in Paris were too pink anyway… this added red roses to the bouquet.  I also tried it with Chanel No. 5 parfum and although it was almost imperceptible with No. 5, it outlasted the parfum leaving me with a beautiful, red rose note as a basenote!  BONUS!

I tried it with Coriandre and I had the same bonus… no real difference to Coriandre but it outlasted my eau de toilette so I was left with a rose note in the early evening long after my beloved Coriandre  had gone to bed.  I even layered it with a 2018 purchase, Bulgari’s Eau Parfumé au Thé Bleu and I found it improved it greatly by adding lovely, optimistic rose notes to the violets. The fragrance consultant, Jackie, was kind enough to give me samples of the Jasmine and Musk Twists so I’ll get back to you over the coming weeks with more experiment results.

I must say that I wish the perfume companies would do more of this in order to put back some of the notes that they’ve taken out over the years.  At least give us a chance to turn back the clock a little, albeit it just for ourselves… much better than putting out yet another crappy flanker which nobody wants anyway!

Could you imagine adding an oakmoss-scented layering oil.  How about a vetiver-scented  oil!  An oud-based oil!  Sniff, sniff… I’m getting verklempt (yiddish for too emotional to speak).

Happy New Year everyone!   The future just might be… wait for it… rosier than expected!


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  1. I’m not sure if it can be considered either “new” (CK did it more than a decade ago; Dior recently had some oils in their boutique collection) or “trend” (one brand is hardly a trend) but layering with body products is probably the only layering I might consider experimenting with (I refuse to layer perfumes because I think that at the price point most of them are being sold they should be self-sufficient without additional “mixology”).

    • You are absolutely right. Layering oils are not new but I am hoping they become a trend so that we can have options. I don’t remember the CK oils, but I do remember the Dior oil although I never tried it.

      About the creams, I’ll use the Chanel Crème pour le corps from their Les Exclusifs line in order to prolong the longevity of Chanel perfumes but it is very expensive. And the Mugler Sales Associate said they had a musk-scented body cream to go with their perfume line but it is also expensive and they only prolong the use… but I don’t think they alter the perfume much. I like the idea of changing the perfume… to how I feel.

      It is not a trend now… but I’m hoping it becomes one. 😉 Thanks for writing!

  2. Andrea Grimaud

     /  January 8, 2018

    Looking out at all the snow it does my heart good to even read the words…. roses, violets, jasmine….


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