Guys are the new girls.



At the last Montreal Art Tattoo show, I couldn’t help but notice that the guys were all so groomed.  Good grief!  If I compare the guys to the first tattoo show I went to maybe 25 years ago, it’s like the guys were from another planet.  Back then most of them were overweight and were clearly into hard rock or heavy metal, if you can judge by the ugly black t-shirts and baggy jeans.  Many had unkempt beards and a few had badly trimmed moustaches.  Apart from their tattoos, they didn’t seem to care much about their appearance at all.  Fast forward 25 years later and guys are sporting squared-off beards, manbuns or edge haircuts and piercings.  Most were muscular, slim and showing quite a lot of skin.

How many times have we seen this kind of dandyism recently and who comes to mind?  Well, Oscar Wilde of the late 19th century, of course.  Then, maybe Fred Astaire during the Great Depression.  The Beatles?  Disco?  New wave?  Maybe.  But since then, not much.  Personally, I love this new look.  It’s fun and edgy!

So, why am I talking about this?  I’m hoping that the perfume companies realize that the guys are experimenting with their appearance and just MAYBE they might take a chance with their fragrances as well.  Unfortunately, I certainly haven’t sniffed any difference in men’s perfume recently BUT I have sniffed a few recent releases which could have been marketed to this demographic.  How about lavender-centric Chanel Boy from their Les Exclusifs line?  It would have been perfect!  The lavender would have been a throwback to Oscar Wilde and even the name would have worked perfectly!  I think that Chanel Boy could have been a mainstream addition to their men’s line and marketed to this young crowd.  Or, from the same line, Jersey!  More lavender.  Even better!

Or, how about Hermès’ Galop?  With its rose-leather heart, this might also have taken off with this crowd… marketed correctly.  Actually, anything that doesn’t smell like something their older brothers, or fathers, wore such as an uber-woodsy Gucci or one of those BIG current aquatic/fougères/woods like Bleu or Dior’s Sauvage.

It’s too bad.  This could have been a very innovative time in men’s perfumes.  I just think that the big companies missed a great opportunity.

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  1. Mario Fournier

     /  October 22, 2017

    Tres bon billet!

    Je pense que les compagnies vont s’orienter dans les parfums unisexes. La serie des jardins d’hermes, la nouvelle gamme de zegna, les royal exclusive de creed, la ligne haut de gamme de dior ( bois d’argent et cie). Atelier cologne est également destinée aux 2 sexes, les private blend de tom ford…

    C’est peut-être une nouvelle tendance?

    J’ai l’impression qu’il va y en avoir de plus en plus.

    Je suis tres impatient d’un nouveau parfum masculin de chanel. As tu entendu qqchose a ce sujet?

    Sent from my iPad

    • Rien pour Chanel, malheureusement. Merci beaucoup pour tes exemples. Tu as tout à fait raison. Ils sont assez dispendieux mais ce démographique a sûrement l’argent pour les acheter.


  2. Enfin! Je me suis ennuyée de tes chroniques. Quel sujet rafraîchissant! Je sens la lavande à lire ce billet. Et après 25 ans, toujours pas de tatoo?

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