Can you imagine our civilization without flamenco?

I can’t. I saw a flamenco show yesterday and a woman beside me was wearing some intoxicating fragrance and it blew my mind! Next time I hope to find the courage to ask her what she was wearing. It was lovely!

I haven’t written much this summer. You see, I’ve been pretty well stuck on Chanel… Chanel’s high-end Eau de cologne as well as Pour Monsieur Eau de toilette and the corresponding Pour Monsieur Gel pour le bain et la douche. Also, Chanel’s No. 19 soap and the occasional shot of Givenchy III for evening drama. I’ve never had much luck with layering perfumes, but layering these components was absolutely brainless. One can’t POSSIBLY go wrong!  And, I sometimes sprayed Guerlain’s Vetiver or Hermès’ Eau d’Orange Verte… both the All-over shampoo and the Eau de cologne.

I’ve tested so many perfumes over the past 4 years, it was nice to just wear things that I love! And in the summer, I got the added bonus of enjoying the bath products that give off beautiful, discreet scent off exposed skin. Using a high-end luxury soap doesn’t have the same impact in the dead of winter when you’re dressed like a polar bear!

I’ve been contacted recently by a couple of niche perfumers and they have offered sending samples, so I’m looking forward to testing their work. Maybe they’ll be able to dislodge me from my Chanel haze.

Last night’s flamenco show was superb… particularly because I discovered a “guitarrista flamenco” who was borderline genius, Alberto López. When I see this kind of talent from such a young person, I find it … well… as a friend would say, “troublant, très troublant.”

I’ll be back next week with a review.


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