puredistance : Black

Yves Saint-Laurent tuxedo (1966)

Yves Saint-Laurent tuxedo (1966)

Created by : Antoine Lie

Date : 2013

Genre : Oud vetiver

Concentration : Perfume (25%)

Oud is the new black, isn’t it?  From its ill-fated entry into western perfumery with Yves Saint-Laurent’s M7 (2002) through to its cumin-laced animalic glory in L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Al Oudh, it’s come a long way, baby!  Now we’re seeing it almost everywhere, although it seems to often appear in perfume names more than in the actual juice.

Puredistance’s Black is the opposite.  Oud is not in the name but it sure comes through in the juice!  As does vetiver, cardamom, patchouli and, in the drydown, a powdery musk that stayed on my shirt through a wash and dry cycle!  I thought Puredistance’s M was spectacular with their oud-leather accord but in Black, they have elevated oud from an almost cult scent to tuxedo-chic.  Antoine Lie calibrated the oud-vetiver accord with such precision, I couldn’t tell throughout the day whether it was oud or vetiver in the forefront.  But as soon as I put my finger on it, it seemed to switch.  People!  Perfumes don’t get much more handsome than this one.  Black’s longevity is excellent, my two sprays lasted throughout the day.

I loved wearing Black and I will wear it again and again.  I found this fragrance to be suitable for both men and women… say, in a classic tuxedo, or a simple, tailored wedding dress… or nothing at all.  This is one of the rare perfumes that won’t clash with nude.


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  1. What a nose! I think this is an incredible release but that is based on the blend. The note particulars are not talking to me. Oud you say? I am spritzing this now after your agarwood alert. Handsome is a great descriptor to which I would add ‘with heart’. Definitely Tuxedo Chic even if you are wearing jeans. Isn’t that photo Helmut Lang?

  2. Tara

     /  October 22, 2013

    Where did you get your sample? I am looking forward to trying this when I am in San Diego next month.

  1. My Whispering Wrist – Puredistance – BLACK | The Fragrant Man

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