Leon Enriquez : 3 haiku pieces

I had a perfume review lined up for this week but when I received a comment to a previous post, it touched me so much that I decided to put my own post on hold and move the comment forward.  It was written by Leon Enriquez.  For me, it’s a tribute to my beloved mother and her perfume, Crêpe de Chine.

Here is her official engagement photo followed by Leon’s 3 haiku pieces.

Have a nice week everyone!


3 Haiku pieces for you. Enjoy!

#1:  Remembering

Crepe de Chine scents
From long forgotten vistas:
Only memory knows

#2:  Yesterday and Now

Yes, I remember now
My mother’s prized perfume:
Luxurious green splendour

#3:  Treasure

Beyond here and now
Treasure vintage tokens:
Sensorial journeys

Leon Enriquez

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  1. I’m fascinated by this perfume, thanks for sharing.

    • If I smelled vintage Crêpe de Chine today, I wonder if it would have the same effect on me. This is what memories are about, I guess… we remember the good things.

      • Yes, and to share my Mother’s perfume was Lily of the Valley and I’ve never been certain of the brand. Another favorite is a vial of Ambergris that came from Alaska during the 1970s.

      • And there have been so many Lily of the Valley perfumes over the years. It might be difficult to find the exact one. I know of Coty which was then replaced by Yardley. And, of course, there was the best LotV of them all, Diorissimo by Dior. Maybe one of my readers might have a suggestion.

      • Thanks, I think it was Coty, then Yardley. I enjoy your articles very much. Joy Parfum is my fragrance.

      • Joy de Jean Patou… class all the way!

  2. what a beautiful tribute.


    Glad you liked the 3 Haikus. My 85-year old mother forgets many things but not her beloved Crepe de Chine perfume. I came by your blog when I felt a need to check on Crepe de Chine memories on a recent online search. Liked your piece on the 3 ladies that your horoscope foresaw.

    Thank you for giving my 3 Haikus a spotlight on your blog. It’s surreal!

    Here’s what my actual verse style looks like. I spent more than 30 years learning this craft on my own. And the outcome is a happy one, all-ways.

    This piece is written with the first letters of each line, and fifth syllable word in the line spelling your name, going downwards. A gift for you. Enjoy!

    Thought For The Day
    By Leon Enriquez

    Now is the time, now lives right here;
    Opt to be clear, opt to be free;
    Reach muse and rhyme, reach your own sphere;
    Mind and heart steer, mind and soul see;
    Ask to feel joy, ask to be bold;
    Now scents most dear, now sense beauty;
    Do fond employ, do and unfold!

    • Dear Leon,

      My 83 year-old mother also forgets many things but, like yours, when I talk about Crêpe de Chine, she remembers.

      Thank you for the thought of the day. It’s beautiful. Sometimes I think that the comments of my readers are the reason that I write this blog… although perfume was the initial spark.

      Thank you for sharing your talents.



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