Alice, Julie and Teodora

Earlier this month my horoscope said that a woman would figure prominently in my life in October.  I don’t believe much in horoscopes but this past week, three women came into my life and I am so grateful!

Alice – After last Sunday’s perfume lecture a very nice woman told me that she owned a bottle of Crêpe de Chine by F. Millot and she wanted me to have it.  So… we met on Thursday night and sure enough, she gave me a half-full bottle of Crêpe de Chine… the perfume that started me on my perfume adventure over 10 years ago.  It was the first perfume I remember my mother wearing and I think it was the first time I experienced “luxury” although I probably didn’t know the word.  Thank you, Alice!

Julie – On Wednesday, I gave my perfume classification lecture at the “Congrès des milieux documentaires” which is a conference for people who work in libraries, documentation centres, bookstores, etc.   I always figure people must think I’m crazy comparing the Société Française des Parfumeurs classification to the Michael Edwards’ Fragrances of the World.  And so after my speedy twenty-minute presentation and the polite applause I figured… “Oh well.  I guess it was a stupid idea afterall.”  But then in the afternoon, a friend showed me a tweet that was sent out right after my presentation.  It said, “N. Cardella est drôle et inclut des références artistiques à son propos. Une conférence bonheur sur la classification des parfums.” (Loosely translated : N. Cardella is funny and included artistic references in his presentation…. a joyful presentation on perfume classification.)  Isn’t that great?  “Alors… merci Julie!”

Teodora – Whenever I hear someone say of someone else that they are so full of life, I think of Teodora.   I don’t know anyone who fits that description more than her!  It’s odd that we don’t spend much time together because whenever I am in her presence, I get such a boost of energy that just overflows from her.  She told me that she reads my blog and that she has started to buy perfume… uh-oh!  And, she has suggested that we go out on a sniffing expedition.  On those poor Sales Associates… the last thing they need are two crazy librarians at their counters… rearranging everything according to Dewey!

Have a nice week everyone!  Back next week with a perfume review.

Image : The Three Graces (1912) by Robert Delaunay

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  1. Tara C

     /  November 5, 2012

    What a nice bunch of things to brighten your life! I myself can go for 2 weeks on a good compliment. 😉 Have a great week yourself!

  2. It’s a very nice post, Normand – warm and joyful. Thank you for sharing this sparkling bits.
    Have a nice week!

  3. Ah, very nice indeed, Normand, to have compliments in one form or another from three obviously classy ladies. Enjoy!


    3 Haiku pieces for you. Enjoy!

    #1: Remembering

    Crepe de Chine scents
    From long forgotten vistas:
    Only memory knows

    #2: Yesterday and Now

    Yes, I remember now
    My mother’s prized perfume:
    Luxurious green splendour

    #3: Treasure

    Beyond here and now
    Treasure vintage tokens:
    Sensorial journeys

    Leon Enriquez

  5. Teodora

     /  December 8, 2012

    Oh no, feel awash with guilt for not having read this earlier. Making up for it is on me! Soon? T.


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