Maggie Prescott : Perfume for the woman who isn’t interested in perfume.

Do you remember that line from Funny Face?  Actually, that wasn’t the exact line.  The exact line was “Clothes for the woman who isn’t interested in clothes” but if Funny Face was a movie about perfume that is EXACTLY what Maggie Prescott would have said.  And last week, when I wrote about my idea for a perfume shop, this is exactly the kind of person I was thinking about.

Here are 3 real-life examples :

1. A lawyer who held a top position at the university where I once worked said to me bluntly, “If someone could just TELL ME what perfume to wear!”  The search for the perfect perfume which would be an exciting treasure hunt for many of us seemed like an insurmountable chore for her.  And it was this particular type of client I had in mind when I wrote last week’s post about a consulting service/shop that might be able to help.  I say, “Give me just an hour of your time and we’ll find something for you to like and wear!”

2. One of my friends told me that she wears L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci because she has always worn it and well… it’s “OK”, although she didn’t seem to be very enthusiastic about it.  When I asked why she didn’t go shopping for something different, she shrugged, “Who’s got time!”  Admittedly this woman runs a large library and has two kids at home in addition to sitting on several committees.  She’s right… she doesn’t have the time.

3. And finally, while having supper with a friend and her boyfriend, his biggest complaint was the fragrance overload he experienced every time he walked into a perfume shop.  “How can you smell anything with all that perfume in the air?”  It doesn’t seem to bother me but I guess it does some people.

So when I wrote about a consulting service/shop last week, these are the people I had in mind and I still think it might work.  Maybe if I win the lottery, I can test my theory.

Next week… it’s back to perfume reviews.  Have a nice week everyone!

Top image : Still from Funny Face with Kay Thompson playing Maggie Prescott a character loosely based on Diana Vreeland

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  1. Have you bought a ticket? 😉


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