Givenchy : Les Mythiques Givenchy III (2007)

Created by : Jean-François Latty with Raymond Chaillan and Y. Gerrold (1970 version)

Date : 1970/2007

Genre : Green chypre

Concentration : eau de toilette

I brought my bottle of Les Mythiques Givenchy III (2007) out of retirement twice this week to counterbalance a dark Dzongkha which I wore last week for my review. This week I wanted something with more light and I wanted something green to remind me of spring. And because I considered Givenchy III to be my reset button perfume AND my BFF (Best Fragrance Forever), I figured I couldn’t lose. Well… I didn’t lose but I didn’t win either.  For some reason, Givenchy III smells thin to my nose now and maybe even a little more synthetic than I remembered.  I loved the freshly-cut green grass scent over a chypre base and I was still attracted to the big, white soapy note but somehow, it didn’t deliver. On the second day, I layered it with Chanel’s Pour Monsieur and it worked much better… but suddenly Givenchy III was not my BFF anymore. Something was broken.

I’m glad I never wrote about Givenchy III in the past because I probably would have run out of superlatives to describe my love affair with it.  For me, it was the ultimate perfume.  Nothing else came close to it.  But today, it reminds me of this dialogue between Frasier and Niles in the Dinner at Eight episode of Frasier (1993).

Niles: Dad’s so set in his ways.
Frasier: Well, we all are, at some point in our lives. Remember when you used to think the 1812 Overture was a great piece of classical music?
Niles: Was I ever that young?

There is an innocence about treating Givenchy III with such reverence.  Maybe I’ve “grown up”.  To be frank, I now own a bottle of Chanel’s Cuir de Russie and Serge Lutens’ Muscs Koublaï Khän doesn’t smell so dirty afterall… definitely a shift going on in my perfume tastes.

So… I guess I’ll retire Givenchy III and maybe come back to it at some later date.  I’ve read on other blogs that the pre-formulation Givenchy III is far superior to the reformulated one so I guess I’ll have to find a bottle.

In the meantime, my heart is broken… a little.

Image : L’Absinthe (1878) by Edgar Degas

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  1. FiveoaksBouquet

     /  February 2, 2012

    Love the quote from Frasier, so apt. When I smelled the newer version of Givenchy III it smelled pretty true to the original but I didn’t really wear it and the devil could be in the drydown. So many important base notes have been banned (e.g. animalics) or restricted (e.g. oakmoss) that drydowns in general have suffered, leaving an unfilled olfactory space where the richest part of a perfume used to be. Normand, it’s probably not surprising if you found the modern version ‘thin.”

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