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Writing a blog isn’t always easy but sometimes it’s A LOT of fun.  Recently, I was interviewed by a Sheridan College student about perfume and Kayla-Jane very generously sent me her finished piece which I have included here for everyone to read.  Enjoy!

November 23, 2011

Point of View Assignment

I own as much perfume and body lotions as I do make-up; and I literally mean every type imaginable. Cosmetics are available in every colour you can think of, there’s even a look for the office or a hot date. Personally, perfume and scented body lotions are my make-up. I would never wear the same perfume during the week and then out again for a date, it just doesn’t give the right vibe. It’s similar to wearing fake eyelashes to the park with stilettos. Perfume is what gets my day started; colours, scents, and textures, the choices are infinite and suit my mood. If I’m running behind in the morning at least I can smell good, even if my hair is in a messy up-do. Perfume is a daily staple that leaves women feeling confident and sexy. In the world of fragrance there seems to be no end and believe me, I am not complaining.

There is nothing more luxurious then hopping out of a warm shower, putting on some body lotion, and a spritz of perfume to get the day started. My personal favourite scents are coconut and vanilla, and they’re even better together. Women wear perfume for more then just smelling good, it is a confident booster that leaves a strong aura. Erica Moore, Fragrance Evaluator at Fragrances Of The World, explains, “We wear perfume in the same way that we wear other accessories, but the effect on our mood and psyche is much more subliminal.  Our personal preferences and associations with certain fragrances and notes will dictate how we feel when we smell them. For example, if you associate the smell of coconut with a favourite summer holiday destination, when you wear a fragrance with coconut notes you’ll be reminded of the holiday and in turn, the way you felt on holiday. Perfume can also make a statement about a person’s individual style in the same way fashion can – for some people a “signature” fragrance will help portray their image and style.”

Jack Frost’s winter blues shouldn’t make you stray away from your perfume routine, different seasons simply call for different scents. Normand Cardella, Perfume Expert for The Perfume Chronicles said, “Wear ambers because they tend to be warm scents as opposed to citrus or even floral scents. Ambers are composed of vanilla, musks and incense from the Middle East. I think it makes sense that these materials come from warm climates and therefore they remind us of warmer weather,” said Cardella. Wearing a bit of perfume can only make your day brighter. The key to finding your perfect perfume is too apply a few drops or the lightest spray to your wrist or back of your hand and wait a moment. Don’t just sniff a perfume bottle because the oils come to life on your skin. Give the fragrance time to flourish on your skin, let the notes talk to you.

The one problem I have faced with perfume is how long the scent lasts. Sometimes I feel like once I leave my house the scent is almost gone. Moore’s advice is, “Certain raw materials such as synthetic musks and woody materials can increase the tenacity of a fragrance, so look for fragrances with a lot of staying power if you don’t want to have to worry about reapplying”.

A bottle of perfume generally lasts six to 18 months. You should never spray perfume on white/light fabrics or jewelry, it can ruin the fabrics or discolour them. Follow Cardella’s guidance, “If you spray it on your clothes it will last longer because it won’t evaporate as fast as putting it on the skin. If you buy the body lotion put that on first and then layer the perfume on top. Perfume should always be stored in its box in a cool place.  That will ensure that it doesn’t change and you can keep a perfume for many, many years.”

If you’ve never really been into the perfume scene, I defiantly suggest making the change now. The fact that something that literally takes two seconds to put on will boost your confidence is absolutely mind-blowing. If you’re in your 20’s or 40’s, your perfect scent is out there waiting for you. Let the hunt begin; once you find your favourite I have to warn you, it may become an addiction.

Image : Woman Writing a Letter by Gerard Ter Borch

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