1st lecture of the season, Anne as Judy, and Nicole Cabell

There was alot going on in my life this week.  My head was wrapped around a few complex issues so perfume testing was moved to the back burner.  In fact, I found myself going commando most of the time.  I’d be having dinner or taking tea with a friend and realize that I had forgotten once again to reach into the magic closet.

First.  I gave the first lecture of the season on Wednesday night and it went great apart from the fact that there was just too much material to fit into the 90 minutes… but the almost-30 people in the library seemed to appreciate the whirlwind tour of the perfume world and I look forward to next week’s lecture cut down to fit nicely within 90 minutes.  A great big thanks to Mme Pellerin, the Director of the Saint-Lambert Library, who invited me to give the lecture but also to her house for dinner!  Thoughtful and generous.  And also, a big thanks to Mme Régis, Chief of Public Services, who 5 minutes before my perfume lecture put her hand in my computer bag and magically retrieved my wireless mouse that I had stupidly hidden… even from myself!  Merci encore Caroline!

Then… my 2nd cat rescue in as many years is called Sweepy (she can’t say Sleepy yet).  I found her in a parking lot and my only thought after a couple of days of feeding her was to take her in for a few days before putting her up for adoption… now, I’m not so sure.  After a few days of World War III I think Sweepy and Tiger might be starting to get along.  Keeping my fingers crossed…

And lastly on a lighter note, as I was flipping through Vogue’s October 2011 issue I was more or less impressed with Michelle Williams’ channeling of Marilyn Monroe.  The hair and makeup were superb.  But the look… less than superb.  As much as Marilyn always looked happy, strong and sexy… Michelle gives us a confused look… too fearful… too inward-looking.  And then halfway through the magazine we see Anne Hathaway channeling Judy Garland for a Tod’s advertisement.  Shame on you Anne Hathaway!  You stole the magazine.  Hair, makeup and look… perfection!  It was eerie.

So to end this post on a positive note… early in the week I heard Nicole Cabell sing the role of Countess Rosina Almaviva in Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro.  Beautiful, beautiful Nicole.  Brava!

Next week : Perfumes I wanted to love

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  1. FiveoaksBouquet

     /  September 27, 2011

    Normand, bravo on the perfume presentation! There seems to be a real “thirst for perfume”–or for information about it, shall we say–out there that you have tapped into with your talks. I hope to catch one soon.

    Good luck to the cats!

    • I get alot of people coming to talk to me after the talk with questions. There seem to be alot of people who don’t know that perfume blogs even exist.

      Normand and the cats


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