Lalique : Encre Noire

Created by : Nathalie Lorson

Date : 2006

Genre : Distilled vetiver

Concentration : Eau de toilette

When my downstairs neighbour Joanne told me that she had ordered brown granite for her new condo, I wasn’t particularly impressed.  I don’t really have much of a sense for those kinds of things… particularly in the kitchen.  For me, a laminate top is fine… and then I saw it.  It was beautiful… very, very chic.  Suddenly the kitchen seemed like a place where I’d like to hang.  At first it looked like just a shiny monochromatic brown surface but when I came up close to it, I saw so many lovely shades of brown.. as if different dark woods had been pressed together.  Only nature could have created such a thing of beauty!

When I wore Lalique’s Encre Noire, it reminded me of Joanne’s beautiful brown granite countertop.  There are no bright topnotes nor any grand flourishes… just a sultry vetiver heart that kept drawing me in as the day wore on.  I used to think that Guerlain’s Vetiver was the best around with its lovely clove note but this one is even more beautiful… simpler, more bitter and distilled… with a tailored feel to it.  If the soliflore genre exists in the vetiver world, this would be it… not a flower but a rich, dark wood.  Encre Noire reminds of Guerlain’s Mitsouko in that just when I thought it had disappeared and the show was over, it returned… lots of fun.

As much as I tell people to wear what they want, I would think that Encre Noire would be electric on a woman… understated, elegant and an aphrodisiac for the men around her… great dark scent.  Encre Noire is both topless and bottomless so there aren’t any fireworks nor surprises but it’s lovely.

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  1. Normand, I so agree with every word of your review. And not only is it utterly gorgeous, you can buy it for a song, practically, at some of the online perfume discounters.

    • Encre Noire was recommended to me by two perfumista friends (Joann and Tara) when we went on a sniffing expedition… so I had a “heads-up”. I used to say that Chanel’s Pour Monsieur was the only interview fragrance for me… but I would easily wear Encre Noire to an interview. I can’t imagine someone taking offense to it anymore than a dark blue suit.

  2. JoanElaine

     /  August 30, 2011

    I’ve got my eye on a bottle of this…I could use some “electricity”!

    • I could also use some electricity! I found this fragrance quite intriguing.. and it sticks close to the skin so a potential significant other might have to lean in… which is definitely a good thing!


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