Tom Ford : Grey Vetiver

Created by : Name not released

Date : 2009

Genre : Smoky wood

Concentration : Eau de parfum

According to Tom Ford, Grey Vetiver is “solid, like the man who wears a custom-made suit or invests in hand-crafted shoes.”  You know… it does have a corporate feel about it and it does smell rich.  It also has great lasting power but it’s not grey (I was expecting iris) and it’s not vetiver… not really.

Grey Vetiver is a uber-smoky wood with a lightspeed citrus opening with the promise of vetiver… but when the vetiver arrives it takes a back seat to a strong wood heart… no more, no less.  For a final act, Grey Vetiver ends like Tom Ford’s For Men… a very incense-centric pine drydown.  One gets the feeling that many of the materials in For Men ended up in Grey Vetiver.  Although it’s not my style I can imagine the kind of man who would wear it because Grey Vetiver has the Gucci aesthetic infused throughout it.  I kept getting images of the recent spate of rich and powerful bad boys… Silvio, Dominique and Arnold.  We’ve read so much about them recently that we know them by their first name.  These guys remind me of bipolar Bacchus… a god and a lecherous drunk!  Power, money, charisma, great body… well, maybe not the great body.

Grey Vetiver reminded me of Henry Kissinger’s infamous quote, “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”.  Actually, I wouldn’t know.  Yes, yes… I AM a librarian but we don’t wield the same kind of power as Berlusconi, Strauss-Kahn and Schwarzenegger.

Now, I don’t expect perfumes to smell good much beyond their intended life.  I expect an eau de parfum to behave for maybe 10 hours… so I’m not going to blame Grey Vetiver for getting on my nerves the following morning.  You might want to wash it off, however, before going to bed.

Image : Bacchus (1640) by Peter Paul Rubens

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