Jean Paul Gaultier opening night in Montreal

Jean Paul Gaultier is having an exhibition at the Montreal Museum Fine Arts.  I went last night because I had heard (erroneously) that it was the red carpet event and I figured I might be able to get some photos of celebrities and maybe get Mr. Gaultier to sign my bottle of Fragile, well… the box actually.  Turns out that last night was basically an open night for the Friends of the Museum and it attracted over 2000 people!  Lucky for me, my best friend of all time – past, present and future – was there and he had a pass for 2!  We got in and it was absolutely crazy in there.

The open wine bar oiled up the crowd and before you knew it, there was a major buzz.  I got to see Mr. Gaultier from afar… actually, we weren’t even in the same room.  But at least I could hear him thanking Montreal and the team that worked on the exhibition.   And I was able to get a shot of Zombie Boy who was gracious enough to disrupt his conversation with friends and pose for me.

As for the show itself… with over 2000 people milling about, you couldn’t really see anything.  I’ll go back.  Cheers!

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  1. Anonymous

     /  June 15, 2011

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed it – I will be seeing it on June 28th

    • It looked incredible from what I could see. I’ll be going back myself with friends at one point. Enjoy!

  2. I am going to see the exhibition on July 6, with my colleagues. I recently had a presentation in power point, about Jean- Paul Gaultier. I was very pleased about it, everyone enjoyed it.
    I wish I could have participated at the opening of the exhibition, but it was not possible, I have head that there has been an autograph session, too..


    Dana.D.H (Montreal)


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