Rose for William, Vetiver for Kate

I doubt that Prince William and Catherine Middleton will have the time to call me for my perfume suggestions as their wedding date approaches so I decided to simply write to them via my blog.  I thought about this long and hard and I came to the conclusion that a single-note floral is perfect for him… a single-note grass is perfect for her.

Let me start by saying that I like simple legible perfumes for young people and older folk.  Sometime around the middle of one’s life, it’s fun to experiment with all the complex chypres, ambers and fougères but when starting out in life, single-note perfumes just seem right and, in this case, particularly appropriate for their daytime wedding.  Getting married is an optimistic proposition… it’s all about the blue skies of love and I think simple, uncluttered scents work best.  Could you imagine a sexy amber?  A raunchy leather?  A French chypre?  Me neither.  Simple perfumes would reflect their fresh seemingly uncomplicated attitude to their lives and I’ve got two great ones for them.

Prince William should wear a classic rose scent which would pay homage to his great-great-great-grandfather, King Edward the VII, who ascended to the throne exactly 110 years ago.  Edwardian men preferred rose-scented fragrances and I think it would be totally fitting for the occasion as a nod to the past.  In addition, the British are known for their love of roses and although they are not always easy to grow and can be fragile, roses are sublime and also known as the queen of flowers… so there is royalty already built in.

I think that Stella by Stella McCartney would be great on him… classy and young giving a lasting but discreet impression to all those privileged enough to get close to him on that day.

As for Kate, could you imagine smelling her perfume as she walks down the aisle?  How vulgar!  No, Kate will also need a discreet and definitely no-nonsense and elegant fragrance… no hothouse flowers, no delicate bouquets.  I thought of hardy vetiver, a perennial grass native to India.  Everyone says that Kate is pretty but I find her more handsome than coquette and a vetiver-based scent is a handsome unisex fragrance that smells of confidence.  She should stay away from anything sweet or representing fragility… nothing to remind us of Diana.  This is her day and she has to go in the opposite direction.  For me, there is no better Vetiver than Guerlain’s… but for a British slant, Zizan by Britain’s Ormonde Jayne is probably great (unfortunately I don’t have a sample).

If anyone has any suggestions or comments, I would love to hear them.

Enjoy the wedding everyone!

P.S.  A great big thanks to Michael from Holt Renfrew in Montreal who took the time to show me several Creed perfumes even though I was on a fact-finding mission rather than on a purchasing expedition.

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  1. There’s something about her that suggests Chanel No. 19 to me, one of my favorite fragrances that seems tailor made for handsome women. He’s more difficult; I honestly have no idea.

    • Yep… Chanel No. 19 could work. It’s green, it’s cool, it’s handsome. It’s not frilly.

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. My choice for her was (I’ve answered this question on another blog already) Ormonde Woman by Ormonde Jayne. It’s not too loud and at the same time it’s not too subtle. It’s not delicate but it’s not overpowering. And it’s made in the UK. I think it would be a good choice.


     /  June 16, 2012

    I do understand your reason behind the choice voiced. This is sort of true for characters such as they are – the prince is reserved, intellectual and gentle, though royal and reasoned enough not to be a shrieking king of leader (as other floral scents would demonstrate him to be), and the princess is really earthy and realistic and decision–making compared to him. The answer to this intersection seems to be obvious on the surface… But there is a saying in Russian – if there something that seems to you vaguely, then make a christian crossing for yourself (or pray). Every character is a core of traits which a person inherits and develops to survive and be winning. But this is not what its soul would crave for. Strong scents for a tsarine woman, which demonstrates lion’s will and domination, hides fragility of a soul that would seek someone who’s way much stronger than her. Katherine finally made a good choice of a FRAGILE – white petals from Boudy. That’s what she expects from her husband – being patronising, being wiser than her…
    I really thought her choice would have been smth like this (I presumed gardenia and jasmine in a subtle bouquet).

    The Prince is the best client for a light but very masculine fougere, which is a symbol of a DNA of his knightship – a cavalier well equipped for protecting his country with all means at his hand, no matter that this is a horse ride or driving the most modern means of transportation or using any king of protective weapon. A good and fresh fougere is also a big benchmark for thinking globally of a land with all its treasures of nature, with all of the drive of a male discretion and power.

    I suppose this should be something like Mouchoir de Monsieur by Guerlain or Fougere Imperial Houbigant….

    To sum up, the scent is the most subtle way for the mutually promising parties to exchange the most sincere and genetically righteous gender values. Let women be women, let men be the men they wish to be…


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