Robert Piguet : Futur

Created by : Aurélien Guichard

Date : 2009

Genre : Floral wood

Concentration : eau de parfum

Originally launched in 1960, Futur was relaunched in 2009 and redone by Aurélien Guichard.  For me, Futur is actually two perfumes in one… not at the same time… but morphing from one to another over a period of 30 minutes.

Futur starts with an intense green Miss Dior-like chypre accord but mutates into a bouquet of field flowers reminiscent of Chamade… replacing Guerlain’s amber notes with woody notes like patchouli and vetiver.

My wine professor would have called Futur a dishonest perfume.  He referred to dishonest wines as those that taste very different than their bouquet.  Futur is dishonest in that at the store you are promised a beautiful, sharp green and animalic marvel.  You wonder where you’ve been all your life and you sing the praises of Aurélien Guichard.  But… as the flourish of young love slips through your fingers, what you’re left with is a soft floral bouquet like Chamade but not Chamade.  It’s as if the wild flowers aren’t as fresh… they have started to wilt and there are less of them.  Although the Robert Piguet website lists violets, ylang and jasmine, I get hyacinths… beautiful to look at, great colour, but the fragrance is so-so.

As for life experiences, it’s the classic story… a lonely month and the lure of romance on a Saturday night.  The first martini is relaxing… and  the second is intoxicating.  A vision appears across the bar… blonde, dark-eyed, pouting lips.  You falter… and fall.  As pervy experiences go, this one wasn’t bad… but it’s not what you were looking for.

Test this one first.  What Futur smells like at the store is not what you’ll end up with once the beautiful topnotes drop to the floor.

P.S. If you like field flowers, try Chamade.

Image : Johnny Depp in Before Night Falls (2000)

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  1. JoanElaine

     /  April 19, 2011

    I’ve been curious about Guichard’s reconstructions
    of the Piguet perfumes. I might sample this, I might not. It’s not calling my name.

    Your review was very interesting. I find Mouchoir de Monsieur, like Futur, is one fragrance for 15 minutes and yet another fragrance after that. I don’t mind tho, I love MdM.

    Love that pic of Depp. He looks fantastic. Guichard is quite the looker himself, but not quite as pretty as Depp in Before Night Falls…

    • You might try Futur if you really like Chamade… but then again, why would you? I put it up against Chamade and they are very similar.

      I liked La Traversée du Bosphore because of the switch but this one… maybe I just didn’t like Futur’s destination.

      Re : Aurélien Guichard is very handsome… pretty, even. I had a picture of him in the post at one point but I removed it because Depp as a transvestite was too delicious to pass! Johnny makes a very sexy woman!


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