Elizabeth Taylor : Passion for Men

Created by : Unknown

Date : 1989

Genre : Woody amber

Concentration : cologne spray

I couldn’t help but review Passion for Men.  All those images of Elizabeth Taylor and her many men throughout the week  had me wondering what she would have liked her man to smell like.  And so when I saw the deep purple box at the perfume store, I bought  it.

I have to admit I cheated a little.  I checked around the other blogs to see if it was terribly bad or half-decent and when I read the fairly good reviews, I figured it’s probably worth the low price.  My verdict?  It’s good.  I wore Passion for Men throughout the weekend and I found it fun to wear.  PfM has a subtle swagger facet to it and it made me feel younger… probably because it’s a period piece.  It speaks to the tastes of the 80s.

Passion for Men  is a transitional scent… drawing from the great fougères of the 80s like Davidoff’s Cool Water (1988) and yet helping to pave the way for ambers of the 90s such as Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Le Male (1995) and Chanel’s Allure Homme (1998).  It flirts with being a fougère with all that lavender… and only when I got to the drydown did I realize it was an amber all along. 

According to the Elizabeth Taylor Beauty website, there’s a nutmeg note among the jasmine, patchouli, musc and vanilla but I’m getting more of a ginger note, similar to the ginger-jasmine accord from Caron’s Le 3e Homme (1985).  I’m exaggerating of course because the ginger-jasmine accord in the Caron is gorgeous, upfront and centre but let’s say they share some DNA.

As for lasting power, Passion for Men is an honest fragrance.  As a cologne it lasts about 2-3 hours which is what it’s supposed to.

I’ve never spent so much time looking for an image to go along with a post.  I perused hundreds of photos of Elizabeth’s men… both off-screen and on.  I eventually settled on James Dean because of his swagger.  The above Crucifixion-inspired still of Giant caught my eye.

This one goes next to Stetson… an everyday, inexpensive luxury that reminds me of my younger days and is perfectly wearable.

Top image : Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean in Giant (1956)

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  1. I’d rather wear White Diamonds. No surprises there I suppose…

  2. Eric

     /  March 31, 2011

    I’m in Paris for a few days so it’s been an overwhelming French experience and such a long way from home for me.
    I am seriously missing some real Americana!
    Elixabeth Taylor’s pictures are on all the News Kiosks here “Un Destin Fabuleux” screams one of the main rags.
    Passion for Men always brings back a visual in my mind:
    The bottles at TJ Maxx and Marshalls that no one buys: Paul Sebastian, Halston and Elizabeth Taylor Passion for Men.
    Why is it that some scents become a dime a dozen while others are harder to find than a needle in a haystack? (Read Le Feu D’Issey or Gucci Rush for Men)
    As for jewels, can’t beat a good pearl necklace!

    • It’s got to be snobbery… don’t you think? I don’t want to overpraise Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion for Men but it’s better than some perfumes three times its price. And image. I guess men don’t want to have a perfume bottle on their dresser that has the name Elizabeth Taylor on it. Fair enough, I suppose. To each his own.


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