I wish I had demons

After listening to Charlie Sheen’s interview with Piers Morgan, it made me wish I had demons… drugs, alcohol and sleeping with porn stars.  Seems like a nice life and everybody wants to be your friend.  You can say the stupidest things and people repeat them over and over again in all kinds of media.

Oh, I’ve had my share of bad boy moments… but they usually don’t last very long.  After my second glass of red wine, my stomach starts to get queasy and I’m terrified of drugs… not so much the ones prescribed by my doctor but more the type you buy from a certain Stef in the back of a bar who has an easy smile and asks if you want Viagra with that.  As for sleeping with porn stars, the only “star” I sleep with is Tiger, the kitten I rescued from the mean streets of Old Montreal last July.  Actually, if you ask her, she would say that she rescued me but we’ve argued this point over and over again.  Let’s just call it moot.

And then there’s John Galliano.  I’m betting that Kate Moss will be on Piers Morgan this week talking about John and his struggles with demons and his experience in rehab.  And I’m hoping that Saif Gaddafi appears with Piers in the very near future to talk about his father’s speedy trip to rehab… rehab being a euphemism for a war crimes court in The Hague.  All this talk about struggles with demons and Piers Morgan and rehab leaves me with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and one pervasive thought… I miss Larry King.

Of course in my younger years, we didn’t have rehab.  We simply went to Father Penny’s confessional and walked out with a series of prayers for penitence.  It wasn’t very high-tech but it seemed to work.  Later, rehab became a friend who would stand outside the public washroom while you puked and gave you advice as you emerged, “Don’t drink so much, you dumb ass!”  Short and sweet… and to the point.

I suppose you can consider my obsession with perfume a kind of demon.  Actually, it’s more of a demonette.  It doesn’t get me into trouble much… like last Thursday evening I went to the Hermès counter to take advantage of the 10% sale.  I went to buy Eau d’Hermès based on Eric’s review but after trying it, I wasn’t sure.  At one point, I had a bottle of 24 Faubourg in my left hand and Eau d’Hermès in my right… and only enough money to buy one of the two.  Major demonology going on, believe me!  Anyway… I opted for the less demonic of the two… and I’ll write about 24 Faubourg in next week’s post.

Until then… have faith.  Conquer your demons… and if you can’t… buy the lesser of the two.

Top image : Fellow Montrealer Rick Genest (aka Zombie Boy) who appears in Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video, if in North America click here.

Bottom image : Tiger who rescued me… d’oh!

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  1. Rehab, followed by public confessions on talk shows about rehab, seems to have become a sort of celebrity rite-of-passage, kind of like the rest of us have our teeth cleaned.

    Makes me wish for the days when you couldn’t say “damn” on the radio.

  2. Tarammansfield@gmail.com

     /  March 7, 2011

    Tiger is Beautiful!!!

  3. Eric

     /  March 10, 2011

    Rick Genest has such a perfect bone structure. The kind of face people dream of.
    All that tattooing can look “intriguing and interesting” now on a young unlined face with nice features.
    I wonder how he will look in 20 years when both face structure and ink outline go to hell.
    What if he decides he doesn’t want to be a zombie anymore when he grows up? LOL

    • That’s it. He’s in a Lady Gaga video and he did the Thierry Mugler runway show this season in Paris.. but… what does the future hold for some whose look is so extreme?

      Good point!


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