David Yurman, interrupted

My intention was to review David Yurman’s eau de parfum this week.  I purchased a 30 ml. bottle recently and my initial tests revealed that it was pretty good for its genre and that it got a bum rap from Tania Sanchez in the 2nd edition of the Guide.  But I kind of ran out of time and I also wanted to put it up against other rose chypres like Estée Lauder’s Knowing and Paloma Picasso before I rendered my final judgement… so I promise to get back to you all about it next week.

I spent most of my free time this week putting the finishing touches on a presentation that I’m giving at a local library on perfume, notably its history and classification.  I’ll be passing around scent strips while I’m giving the presentation so that people have an idea what I’m talking about.  I’m up to 20 perfumes!  It’s so hard to keep the number down because I love this stuff so much… I want to show people what I am smelling.  And so… my post today is a request to my readers.  If you have ever attended or given a perfume presentation… how did it go?  What went really well and what wouldn’t you do over again given the chance?  Which perfumes are absolutely necessary when talking about perfume and which, although popular or well known, don’t really add to the discussion.  I have about 10 days left before my presentation so feel free to send your comments or emails (normandtpc at hotmail dot com) so that I can incorporate your suggestions.  I’d really appreciate it!

Thanking everyone in advance… and have a nice week!

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  1. Can’t help with the presentation, but … I felt similarly about David Yurman. I found it not-too-shabby. In my mind it’s related to Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau, but with more of a sour grapefruity edge. Pretty good warm weather scent.

    • Yes! Me too! I thought… it’s a bit much for the winter because we are indoors so much… but on a warm summer evening, outdoors. As you say.. “not too shabby”. Absolutely.

  2. Best of luck with your presentation, Normand! I’ve been asked to do a similar seminar for my library system in April and have only just begun to construct it. The pressure’s on…

    • Thanks! I’ve spent many evenings and a couple of weekends trying to sort things out but it has given me some focus. And, it has forced me to document some grey areas… particularly the history and chemistry. I’m up to about 40 PowerPoint slides and 20 perfumes for a 90-minute presentation. I’m looking forward to it and I’m sure you’ll be great at it.

  3. Have you considered Youth Dew? According to Estee Lauder, American women of the 1950’s thought it was *”unthinkable, self-indulgent, narcissistic, and even decadent” to buy themselves perfume.

    This attitude lead her to market Youth Dew as a perfumed bath oil and it was a success. Women did buy it for themselves! If that self-denying attitude truly did exist, anyone visiting a perfume counter today would never know.

    I wish you success with your presentation. I would love to hear your audience’s reactions and opinions!

    I’m sure you have already considered Poison. It’s the perfume that made people hate perfume. I personally like it, but don’t dare wear it outside of my home as I live in fragrance-phobia land.

    *quote from “Estee: A Success Story” by Estee Lauder.

    • Yep! I have so many in my collection… but neither Youth Dew nor Poison. Both are sooo important! ARGH! I’ll probably pick up Youth Dew this weekend along with Angel, which is also missing in my collection. Poison.. will have to wait. Thanks!

      I’ll try and get back with a post after the conference. The PowerPoint presentation is complete (50 slides). I just have to practice over the weekend and get the logistics down in terms of scent strips and zip-lock bags. I can feel the stress but I can’t wait!

      • I have never owned Youth Dew, and I haven’t had a drop of Poison for years, otherwise I would send you some!

      • Well… as an example of tuberose, I was thinking of sending around Fracas or Amarige. Do you know if either is similar to Poison? Youth Dew… I just want. Estée Lauder said that Opium was only “Youth Dew with a tassel.”

      • I have not smelled either Amarige or Fracas so note-wise, I don’t know.

        I have read reviews of both fragrances and with those reviews in mind, one could assume both are like Dior Poison as they are strongly loved or hated and are loud tuberoses.

        I’ll ask my Fracas/Amarige loving friends! I’ll keep you posted.

      • Thanks!

      • I asked some perfumes loving friends on Twitter, and they happily provided this information:

        -“I find them quite different, Amarige & Fracas are really sweet and Poison is quite dry and dusky”

        -“I would say that if one liked one of those, then they most likely will like the others. They all wear w/the same strength”

        -” From memory, I think their sillage is comparable. Isn’t there tuberose in all of them?”

        Hope it helps a little. Have a great weekend.

      • That helps alot… thanks! I’ll go with Fracas to show people what Germaine Cellier was all about. Thank you so much for doing this for me. Have a great weekend!

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