Am I a fascist?

Some of you might know that I work in a library, but what you might not know is that I work in the IT group of the library.  Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection would have it that the group is made up of nerdy guys (80%, in fact) who will talk to you about geeky things like the difference between Vista and Windows 7 but who couldn’t care less about the long-term ramifications of the latest chypreless-chypres.  Hard to imagine… but true.

And so to throw in a perfume obsessive into this gang of techno-geeks makes for some extremely interesting banter.  Now… I’m usually the quietest most mild-mannered fellow but lately I think that my dark side might have gotten the better of me.  Here are a few examples of a couple of my more recent tantrums and what I need to know from you all is… am I a perfume fascist?

Co-worker 1 : Gee, Normand.  That smells nice!  Is it Aqua Velva?

Me : Aqua Velva?  Have you gone completely mad?  It’s GIVENCHY III!  Get away from that computer screen… I think the radiation might be doing a number on your sense of smell!


Co-worker 2 : That smells pretty good… is that a ship you’re wearing?

Me : Yes.  (big sigh)   I can’t fool you… I am wearing a ship.  And if you must know, I’m wearing… THE QUEEN MARY 2!!!


Co-worker 3 : Eeesshh… smells like a cowboy in here!

Well, actually, I was wearing Stetson so I’ll give this guy a couple of points for XLT (eXtreme Lateral Thinking).

And so, as this year comes to an end and 2011 looms on the horizon, I’ve decided to renew last year’s resolution to be kinder, gentler and more generous to my fellow coworkers.  They’re really a great bunch of guys… absolutely useless in perfume classification… but extremely bright and fun to be with.  However, if one of them asks me one more time what happened to the first four Chanels, you’ll have to forgive me for punching the guy in the nose… but I promise, I’ll count to 10 before I take him down.

So… maybe I’m not a fascist… maybe more a perfume terrorist, which is better… I think.

Happy New Year everyone!  I’ll be back the 2nd week of January.  Until then… have a great perfumed New Year’s holiday!

Top image : Photograph of Il Dulce (1883-1945)

Bottom image : Auld Lang Syne Postcard (ca. 1907)

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  1. You’re an enthusiast darling. Is you were a fascist, you’d have already given them all samples and a schedule of what they were required to wear each day. And reading material to be tested on. Not that that would be a bad thing, come to think of it.

    I’m wearing Givenchy III today too. It’s fantastic. Happy New Year.

    • You know that sample-n-schedule thing is a really good idea!

      Givenchy III is my all-time favourite. There! I said it.

      Happy New Year, Krista!

  2. Hilarious! That Chanel joke is a hoot.

    I also work in the library world, and it brings together a rather diverse bunch of characters, all uniquely bonkers. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I have only found one other fragrance enthusiast (Krista’s excellent description) in my fragrance-free workplace. Unfortunately, she no longer wears fragrance due to sensitivities but loves to talk about her old favorites and is interested in what the niche and natural perfumers are up to.

    I’m grateful for the perfume community online, as I need more than a once in a while chat about fragrance!

    • Yes! And, discovering the online community was (and remains) such an important part of my education. There is precious little really good published information out there.

  3. Strangely enough, I was a librarian too once. I worked as a cataloguer for a couple of years and as a systems librarian. Is there something about our training that makes us want to define, describe, categorize, and share our olfactory hobby?

    • I think so. This is why perfume classification is so fascinating for me. I would love to come up with a new classification of perfume. La Société Française des Parfumeurs with their 7 families did a good job of it… Michael Edwards with his Fragrances of the World improved greatly on it… but maybe we (librarians) can do better.

      • I also think grocery stores should hire cataloguers. The way stores have stock organized makes no sense!

        I wonder how many other library folk are lurking in the perfume world?

      • Now there’s a blog just waiting to happen… perfume and cataloguers. Major appeal!


  4. Oh my , I needed to read this! Chanel 1, 2, 3, and 4 are going to be shipped to New Orleans next year, did you know that¿?:D

    Happy New Year

  5. I found that post very funny. I could just picture the scenes. 🙂


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