We Three Kings : Gold – 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

Created by : Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux, Michel Girard

Date : 2008

Genre : Woody amber

Of gold, frankincense and myrrh it was gold that was offered by Melchior to Jesus as an offering of virtue.  My choice of fragrance to represent gold is 1 Million by Paco Rabanne because of its bottle that looks like a gold ingot.

1 Million is a woody amber that was launched in 2008, 10 years after the genre’s archetype Allure by Chanel.  Although it doesn’t break any molds and it doesn’t take any uncalculated risks, it’s actually very interesting and of excellent quality with great sillage… which surprised me because its feminine side, Lady Million, is such a tutti-frutti disaster that I figured this might be as loathsome… but it isn’t.  If you know Allure, then 1 Million is quite similar but more complex and better.

­1 Million’s opening gave me a cool blast of lavender and seemed to cruise through Bleu by Chanel territory.  But while Bleu is a woody lavender-based fougère, 1 Million is a woody amber with a lavender topnote… they start out alike but quickly move in different directions.

1 Million’s woody heart has a cola subtext and a tobacco vein tickled my nose and I thought the whole thing was very well balanced.  I don’t know that I’ll wear it often but if you like big, swagger-like manly fragrances… this is excellent.  Granted, it ends on a sweet amber note but I didn’t find it unpleasant.

One of my girlfriends loved it and actually blushed when she approached me so, guys… the ladies love it!

My review for frankincense is forthcoming and I’ll be reviewing L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Passage d’Enfer – eau d’encens.

Top image : Three Kings Icon ©2010 Megan Ruisch

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  1. Blushing! Well now, maybe I should get a sample for my husband. I can’t stand lavender, but maybe on him I would like it.

    You win the prize for best bottle in our blog project!

    • Well… the lavender doesn’t stick around that long. The bottle is quite interesting… that’s for sure.

  2. Wonderful! Perfect choice for gold– and now I’m envisioning one of those astounding, shimmering outfits Paco Rabanne designed in the 60’s, built entirely of chainmail and dangling gold paillettes!

  3. Have not tried this but Lady Million was surprisingly pleasant on someone else at a party, though I didn’t care for it when I tested it in store. Better than Gucci Guilty, say. I think it may improve greatly as it develops. And the reviews were more favourable than you might expect from a fruity floral number.

  4. I agree with kjanicki, both on the blushing effect and the bottle! I imagine this fragrance gets a lot of blind buys based on the bottle design.

    I wonder if many women who don’t care for Lady Million are venturing across counters and trying 1 Million for themselves?

    Looking forward to your next review!

  5. Wow, two endorsements of the blushing effect – I have got to try this one!

    And there is a fair chance you are the first person in the history of the English language to use the term “cola subtext”. I love it when that happens. : – )

    • Actually, my girlfriend sort of became red and she said… “I’m blushing, aren’t I?” I said, “Uh… yeah”. I had never seen that before. I found 1 Million very good… but not great.

      Cola subtext.. hehehe. It was either that or “cola backstory” (à la CNN)… which I’m saving for a future post. I just hope I haven’t oversold this one. It happens, you know… 😉

  6. Cola? Tobacco? Swagger? I approve.


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