Honoré des Prés : Vamp à NY

Created by : Olivia Giacobetti

Date : 2010

Genre : Fun vanilla

Concentration : eau de parfum

I struggled for two days with Vamp à NY.  The test strip stayed propped up on my desk at work from 9 to 5 and anyone who walked into my office was interrogated, “What do you think of this?”  The answers were bipolar.  Kathleen loved it.  So much so that she asked to put some on, something she never, ever does.  Jim’s reaction was visceral, “Get that away from me.”

I walked away from VaNY for the weekend and when I sniffed some fresh juice on the strip the following Monday, it hit me.  Vamp à NY smelled like a root beer float with vanilla ice cream.  For the rest of the day, I was obsessed with my memories of long, summer days, the smell of Coppertone and the trademark frosty glasses overflowing of root beer at the drive-thru.  No doubt, Olivia Giacobetti is also a fan of the root of the sassafras plant.  It’s unmistakeable.

So… who is the Vamp à NY client?  Well… I think she’s between 12 and 16 years old.  She’s still following the folks to their oceanside vacation but she’s not the same girl as last year.  This year, she means business!  She’s looking for her first “serious” summer romance and Vamp à NY is perfect for her mission.  She’s a modern-day Salome and she’ll get what she wants.

She’s figured out that she can more easily attract the glances of Tommy with the scent of a frothy root beer than with the real thing.  The love affair may be a short-lived one… a couple of weeks at the most… but her unique root beer fragrance will forever remind her beau of the summer of 2010 when he fell in love for the first time.  And everytime he knocks one back at the drive-thru, he’ll always be reminded of her… long after he has married another and introduced his own kids to the unique taste of root beer.  The imprint is forever.

Mission accomplished.

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